I see a nation which is need of the truth.

The real truth, Not the fake truth.

The real truth is the one that will make the nation better.

Instead of the fake truth that makes the nation worse.

You see the truth is not just something that feels good to hear or to do.

If you want to feel comfortable in life than your looking for encouragement, but if you want to be troubled for the sake of you being a better person you are looking for the truth.

We shouldn’t put Truth and Encouragement in the same bowl and start mixing them together because they are separate  they accomplish different results.

The truth is not the modernist interpretation that you will always feel good after hearing it.

Actually sometimes it can break you spirit.

But sometimes in life we need to be broken in order to be built.

Just like how the way in football they need to pull back back in order to push forward.

The truth never change’s  

The truth stays the same yesterday, today and forever.

The only problem is that some of us would rather believe a lie than a truth.








love is not easy

Love actually is one of the most hardest things to do because it so much easier to be selfish.

I mean even sharing a piece of food that you spent all your money on is hard.

But we need to do it, not because we are trying to earn someones credit but because they simply deserve it under no condition.

You see true love will never see what it can get it always see what it can give.

We all need to love in everything we do  but you know i have only explained that we should love i havn’t explained where we need to look for love.

Its simple where we need to look for it , the love we all are in need off is the love of Jesus christ

How can he love us so much fully knowing we are still going keep tripping that he would be prepared to leave everything behind just to die for the whole world?

Look i’m not writing this to argue about whether Jesus Christ exists but all i’m writing  to say is that Jesus is the love we are all so desperately looking for.


Hey guys

I was thinking to my self what i should write about success.

Something just told me that i need to talk about success

You see my fellow people success is not just achieving but it is also receiving.

When you succeed you be an inspiration which allows you to receive a positive and influenced reception.

Success is not just about money it is also about what we have achieved in life, the trials we have overcome.

The times where we failed but kept trying again and succeed is a success too.

Success is so broad that i cant cover it all up in one post, the truth is no one make you succeed , you need to make a decision too succeed.

My personal success that I would like to share is learning how to be a man without a father in my life.

Reflect on your life and just think of the success you have accomplished because once you realize it…

You would want to succeed over and over again.


Forgive those who are unforgivable.

Accept those who are unacceptable.

You accepting people, gives them a home to come too in their times of need.

Forgiving people gives them a peace which they embrace in that very hour.

Forgiving people is not only good for them but it is even better for you.

It makes us free from carrying around grudge on our backs that wears us down emotionally.

Forgiving is letting go of the poison that the person gave you and dumping it on the ground Where it will just melt away.

Forgiving people is one of the most life-changing actions we can take.

Trust me I have been through so much in my life rejection, conflict, a father who left me, Friends who don’t embrace me.

But through a million experiences in my life when I forgave it has bought be liberty and a peace of mind.

My fellow people forgive people it is very important it gives you joy and peace which feels so good, so, so, goood……..


We all fail sometimes in life but it doesn’t mean we need to let it paralyze us from moving on.

You see we need to be a people who keeps fighting no matter what.

The only time when we are failures is when we let the experience keep us in the same place for the rest of our lives.

But the successor is the person who fails but dusts themselves off and keep on going.

This concept is just like a boxing match.

In the red corner weighing in at over infinite pounds is life

The reason why I put infinite is because we can never out live it.

And in the blue corner is you weighing in at over 300 pounds.

Sometimes life can give us a knockout and we smack down into the canvas.

But when we keep getting back up after being knocked over by life time after time.

Life starts to realize that it cant keep us down so it gets tired and we come in for the knockout ourselves.

When i say life i mean circumstances we can let it knock us down and keep us down or we can knock the circumstance down and win the match of our life.

It’s your choice…  


Patience…. We all need to be patient in life.

Patience hurts but it produces character.

Patient seems like waiting for whole season to end…

But remember patience brings the sun in our lives.

Think about it, a plant needs sunlight to grow but it has  to wait overnight for the sun to come out.

In the same way we are like that flower.

We need sunlight to grow but patience is the drive that makes us wait for that sunlight to come out.

Life’s sunlight of happy times are not always there.

But if we wait for that sunlight  to come back in our lives through patience then we will grow in character.

Patience is like an injection too.

Just like that jab it pains at first, but at the end it brings good results

So people keep waiting in patience and you will see the fruits of your harvest.


People say that seeing is believing

But  you need to believe first before you see

That’s the challenge

Because it so easy to belive something that is right infront of us

But we need to belive even when it seems far away

That kind of attitude is very rare but it is needed to achieve

Think about it you need to have hope go on

And hope comes by believing  before we see