If this is you B encouraged

We all have a need to be accepted

That is how we were created

So our lives are based on finding places of refuge

Some find refuge in alchohol drugs sex and gangs

We put the make up of a smiling face and a burst of laughter

To mask our feeling of rejection so no one will reconise it after

we shouldn’t base live our lives based upon peoples opinion

Don’t get me wrong i’m not saying laughter or smiling is a crime

Its actually a good pain medicine

but there is no need to use it to cover what you have lost

Whether we use it to cover up a lost, an abuse or a broken family

I’ve been there trust me

But all you youth who see these words let it sink in

Coz its not me but gods compassion speaking

Jesus is actually a nice guy once you choose to know him

Jesus restores our losses

Jesus heals the wounds of abuse

Jesus is a father to he fatherless

In life do what you love, no dream is to big for us to achieve

Just believe, work and you will recieve


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