the youth needs to be together

but instead we divided from one another

youth on youth crime that’s the world of today

but its never to late to change

we need to put what divides us behind us

whether it is an area code, school or a circumstance

we need to put it behind us

instead of hating each other let us love each other

instead of killing and bullying each other let us uplift and encourage each other

don’t see each other as an enemy but let us see each other as a brother or as a sister

when we kill, bully, or do anything that is the opposite of love to each other

we should ask ourselves this question…

what do we gain?

we gain the scrutiny of the media and a guilt that builds up inside of us

what if we were to stop hating in all its form and start loving in all its entirety

instead of scrutiny we would gain respect, instead of  loss of life we could save a life

let us change for the good and start loving and seeing each other as brothers and sisters




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