We all fail sometimes in life but it doesn’t mean we need to let it paralyze us from moving on.

You see we need to be a people who keeps fighting no matter what.

The only time when we are failures is when we let the experience keep us in the same place for the rest of our lives.

But the successor is the person who fails but dusts themselves off and keep on going.

This concept is just like a boxing match.

In the red corner weighing in at over infinite pounds is life

The reason why I put infinite is because we can never out live it.

And in the blue corner is you weighing in at over 300 pounds.

Sometimes life can give us a knockout and we smack down into the canvas.

But when we keep getting back up after being knocked over by life time after time.

Life starts to realize that it cant keep us down so it gets tired and we come in for the knockout ourselves.

When i say life i mean circumstances we can let it knock us down and keep us down or we can knock the circumstance down and win the match of our life.

It’s your choice…  


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