love is not easy

Love actually is one of the most hardest things to do because it so much easier to be selfish.

I mean even sharing a piece of food that you spent all your money on is hard.

But we need to do it, not because we are trying to earn someones credit but because they simply deserve it under no condition.

You see true love will never see what it can get it always see what it can give.

We all need to love in everything we do  but you know i have only explained that we should love i havn’t explained where we need to look for love.

Its simple where we need to look for it , the love we all are in need off is the love of Jesus christ

How can he love us so much fully knowing we are still going keep tripping that he would be prepared to leave everything behind just to die for the whole world?

Look i’m not writing this to argue about whether Jesus Christ exists but all i’m writing  to say is that Jesus is the love we are all so desperately looking for.


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