I see a nation which is need of the truth.

The real truth, Not the fake truth.

The real truth is the one that will make the nation better.

Instead of the fake truth that makes the nation worse.

You see the truth is not just something that feels good to hear or to do.

If you want to feel comfortable in life than your looking for encouragement, but if you want to be troubled for the sake of you being a better person you are looking for the truth.

We shouldn’t put Truth and Encouragement in the same bowl and start mixing them together because they are separate  they accomplish different results.

The truth is not the modernist interpretation that you will always feel good after hearing it.

Actually sometimes it can break you spirit.

But sometimes in life we need to be broken in order to be built.

Just like how the way in football they need to pull back back in order to push forward.

The truth never change’s  

The truth stays the same yesterday, today and forever.

The only problem is that some of us would rather believe a lie than a truth.







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