Jesus loves all you so much, jus saying



Sometimes we need to be broken to be to be mended

Sometimes we need to go through pain to receive healing

Sometimes we need to be told in order to tell

But all times we need to love because when we love we just do. It doesn’t have a condition like the rest .


People, o how better off we would be if we had infinite peace.

The reason why peace is so important is because it actually makes life enjoyable to live.

We need to enjoy the life that we live instead of dread it.

The only way you can enjoy anything is when you have so much peace about it that it develops into a indescribable joy.

When you are peaceful it prevents you from doing things you will regret later or it will prevent negative emotions which cause you to do those things.

Peace which make life like an everlasting sauna where we can just soak in that peace despite the trials around us.

Peace is like an anchor that establishes our position in the rough waves of tribulation.

Guys i’m not saying we will feel peace all the time, i mean mean we are human!

But what I’m getting at is when we CHOOSE to be at peace it makes life so much more fun to live.


Being humble is not denying our importance.

Being humble is knowing how important we are but still considering others better than we are.

That is what i love about life trials they always seem to humble us, to make us low and cry out WHY ME!

Its only when we are bought low that our humility becomes high.

Did we know that even giving someone  a hug humbles them to know that they are loved by us?

Did we know even when we say thank you that person is humbled to know they are appreciated by you?

Did we know that when we cry a tear it makes us humble enough to want to be comforted?

Now listen I am not saying we should cry endlessly out of self-pity, but there are times when we actually need to humble ourselves to release our pain through humble tears.

At the end of the day, guys know our importance and stay humble, inside ourselves and toward others around us.



Well life is like many things that we see and like many things that we hear.

Sometimes life has its mountains that seems impossible to conquer.

But u know guys when u conquer one mountain through your violent faith the others seem so small all of a sudden.

Or sometimes life is like a large green field, there is nothing really to conquer but there are things which we need to rest and ponder upon.

Sometimes life is like birds singing in the mourning, these are the periods where we need to be prepared to listen to constructive melodies of words.

Guys there are much more visual and audible things that life is like which you need to find out for yourself.

Just know the right time because each checkpoint in life has its own time and own place.