Being humble is not denying our importance.

Being humble is knowing how important we are but still considering others better than we are.

That is what i love about life trials they always seem to humble us, to make us low and cry out WHY ME!

Its only when we are bought low that our humility becomes high.

Did we know that even giving someone  a hug humbles them to know that they are loved by us?

Did we know even when we say thank you that person is humbled to know they are appreciated by you?

Did we know that when we cry a tear it makes us humble enough to want to be comforted?

Now listen I am not saying we should cry endlessly out of self-pity, but there are times when we actually need to humble ourselves to release our pain through humble tears.

At the end of the day, guys know our importance and stay humble, inside ourselves and toward others around us.



2 thoughts on “BEE HUMBLE

  1. having been struck by serious illness taking me away steadily
    i can verify that my humility in a scale from 1-10
    from a youthful 2-3 has risen to to a 9 and 1/2…
    I can relate to this entry!


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