People, o how better off we would be if we had infinite peace.

The reason why peace is so important is because it actually makes life enjoyable to live.

We need to enjoy the life that we live instead of dread it.

The only way you can enjoy anything is when you have so much peace about it that it develops into a indescribable joy.

When you are peaceful it prevents you from doing things you will regret later or it will prevent negative emotions which cause you to do those things.

Peace which make life like an everlasting sauna where we can just soak in that peace despite the trials around us.

Peace is like an anchor that establishes our position in the rough waves of tribulation.

Guys i’m not saying we will feel peace all the time, i mean mean we are human!

But what I’m getting at is when we CHOOSE to be at peace it makes life so much more fun to live.


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