Spread your wings and take a risk no matter what the result.

People might say things or do things that will cause us to close our wings and put our heads in the ground, hide our faces.

But, break out of what people say, break out of what people do, spread your wings and be a determined individual.

For example, Norman Foster built the Gherkin under the scrutiny of peoples opinions.

Martin Luther king liberated black people even though he got attacked by the very people he liberated.

Steve Jobs, one of the most influential designers of all time despite getting kicked out of his own company.

Michael Jordan, One of the greatest NBA players in history, even though his college coach said he wasn’t good enough and kicked him out the team.

Nick Vujicic has no arms or legs but has traveled around the world and achieved a double bachelors degree in accounting.

Me, having no Father but being a father to my little brother and eventually to my future children.

Guys no matter what things look like or what is being said or done, you can make it, just believe and spread your mental wings.

Just………..    fly.


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