Everyone has the potential to be a hero, you just need to find out what you like and be good in it.

Once you find out what you love you will be a happy person doing it and people will get inspired because of that.

When they see you happy in you success they will want the same  thing you have.

They will look up to you as someone who they want to be like, you will be there hero.




There  is a couple of special people that has carried me through my bad times and good times.

I would not trade these people for anything in this earth, they are like a treasure to me that I will forever cherish.

They have helped me when i felt insecure, discouraged, beaten down and every other bad feeling or situation you can think of.

Guys i cant stress enough how important it is to have at least 1 person you can share your burden with so they can help you through it.

Normally 1 person is enough but if you have more than that is a bonus.

Be encouraged to know that 1 genuine person in your life can change the quality of your life forever.




What do you fear?.

If you Fear something that is right, then it will stop you from doing wrong and if you fear something that is wrong, it will prevent you from doing right.

If you fear failure than you will be driven to succeed.

If you fear peoples opinions than you will be driven to “fit in”.

If you fear mistakes then you will never take a risk.

If I fear expression than I will never write a book.

Guys, the most important thing is to find out what you are afraid off.

When you know what you are afraid off than that knowledge can become your key to success.