showcase tanzania

I would never imagine myself to be invited to a showcase in my life, it jus comes to show how dreams can come true if you keep persistinggg, NEVER GIVE UPP KEEP GOINN.


When you touch an individual, you can touch the world because remember the world is full of individuals.

You don’t have to be a doctor to heal, all you need to be is a friend that people can count on.

The touch of healing takes many forms and is not limited by distance.

You can touch that person with words, gestures and so many other ways that can only be explored by you.

Be that friend everyone count on and you can heal much more people that you can imagine.

This blog is not just a blog, not just resonating words, but it is a doctor for our hearts.

I don’t want you just to read this as a blog, but I want you to take it as your daily dose of medicine.

Remember to touch someone is not reliant on distance, but it is reliant on encouragement.


Forgiveness is one of the most imperative keys which opens the door of progression.

Forgiveness is the only medicine that can heal a heart.

There are times when you have experienced a tragedy, that seems impossible to be undone.

There are times when you have been hurt by someone and find it impossible to let that malice go.

Think of it like this, when you don’t forgive it is like drowning yourself to death in the water of the heart.

But there is always a lifeguard to save you from drowning, this lifeguard is called forgiveness.

Forgiveness can save you if you are drowning and can free your soul from the fangs of hatred.

The person that forgiveness frees is you and the healing it does to the offender is priceless.

So forgive and move on and you will see the freedom that liberates you from the chains of malice.


When you are on your way along the narrow path of life, there are smooth and rough surfaces.

Sequentially along these roads we meet different people and come across different influences.

One thing you should know is this road is so unpredictable, why ?

Because it is not only the surface of life that varies but it is also the weather.

We have our sunny days, windy days, cold days, rainy and stormy days.

The final destination is subject to the level of our faith.

Radical faith keeps us going despite the surface of our path or the intensity of the weather.

Have Faith and keep walking…