We compare ourselves to people who have more than us.

We compare the fact they they are excelling while we are hovering,.

Instead of rejoicing with those that excel, we let bitterness consume our heart.

You know,

It really says alot about you if you cant rejoice when someone is having a ball,

just because you are jealous of them achieving their dream.

My brothers and sisters, rejoice with those who rejoice,

and cry with those who cry.

Your life is your life and their life is theirs.

Its not worth it to compare yourself to anyone

because you are a unique individual, with your own ambitions and responsibilities,

So instead of comparing and bickering, start rejoicing and living the person YOU are meant to be.



When we were created by articulate hands.

We enter in the world we call love.

The funny thing about love is that.. 

The right person for our lives isn’t coming, they already have come.

They are already there just waiting to be found.

The human race is like a big jigsaw,

Every boy has a girl to fit perfectly in place, she just needs to be found.

Patience is the key.


If we were able to see the plans that god has for us, we wouldn’t worry about anything.

Therefore the very fact that we cant see all of his plans makes us worry about what is ahead.

I am in a place where I am doubting God in my head, but believing him in my heart.

My head is believing the fact, but my heart is believing the truth.

The fact is I cant see the answer to my prayer, but the truth is God has already answered my prayer.

Overall the key to overcome doubt is knowing what the truth is.

So when we get the inevitable moment of doubt that is based on the fact.

Encourage your self in the truth which will last forever.