What  defines a man who is ugly?

His very flesh stains his garment that he solely possesses

The flesh stinks of pride, pride never confesses

Pride is my fear, Pride is waiting to get me

It is like a leopard hunting in the grass

Pride waits, waits, waits…….. Waits

When the time is right, when the situation is present

It pounces on me and leaves scars on my ego

For once I don’t want scars to heal

Because they remind me of my mortality to get hurt

They remind me of what could happen again if I don’t rely on humility to be my thorn

Humility is white and Pride is black

Pride is my worst enemy that i never want to come back



Sitting here thinking of what lies ahead

Think about my future when I wake up and go to bed

Zeal is the fuel to motivation

Excitement ignites my determination

The motivation to be a Leader extrudes out of Gods humility in me to be a follower

My eyes may be close but my dreams are still open

open to positive wise instruction

Eyes slowly open to find my self in a new place

This place is here