My Sister Forever

You will be by sister forever that will never change

No matter the place no matter the range

That day I opened my heart to you i meant every word,

its funny, love is suppose to be the best feeling known to man

but, it can either be the multiplication or the divide of any relationship

My sister I am not going to mention you by name but you know who you are.

I still love you to this very day, but it is because I love you I have to stay away

We have more in common than you know, this is the reason why I was your brother and you were my sister

I love you sis I love you


Love Poetry For My Furture Eve

In Your Eyes I see a constellation

When we hang your personality makes my celebration

When I see you down let me be the one to raise you up

When the storms come I will be you defender

I thank God you have recieved me because I will be the sender

The sender of love through our lord Jesus Christ who has ordained us together

Don’t get me wrong there are times when I will falter

But even in those times you beauty inside and out will never alter

I thank you Lord Jesus for bringing Queen………… to join this hard adventure

Even though the road ahead may be hard I will still make it easy for you to love me

You are divine to me


You are so loved by my Lord Jesus Christ

You are so loved that Jesus decided to die for you on the cross so you can be saved.

But im sure you have heard that many times before.

Thats the difference between religion and relationship

If you truely understand how much God loves you would enter in a relationship with him in an instant

At first I wasnt interested because I thought it was just another religion that I didnt need

But After seeing the way he has worked in my life and my mom’s life I could not deny the evidence any longer

I have known him for about 4 years now and he is my source of strength

I still have my faults and scars in my heart but being in a relationship with Jesus makes these scars, scars of joy rather than sorrow 🙂

The fact that I have total confidence in Jesus’s abilty to heal them makes them seem almost invisible at times

This is a public decloration to you and a public thanksgiving to my best friend Jesus Christ who is more real than the food I eat and the water I drink.

Thankyou bro Jesus

Also my decloration to you as my neighbours, Jesus loves you and you are made in his image, you and I are made in the image of God which si why you and I are so beautiful from the inside out.

Your are a special people for a special purpose and have more potential than you believe.

Love you Jesus and love goes out to everyone who is reading and understanding this message.

Remeber your DNA is not just DNA, it is a physical proof that you were created by purpose and have a mission to accomplish.



Nothing is ever the same

Things are always changing

People are always Changing

Our time is constanstly changing


The key is not to let the change change us

We were created to cause a positive change but instead most of us conform to negative change

People change and because of that friendships get brocken and Bitterness in the heart gets created


When we were a little child we didnt know how to get bitter because all we knew is freedom

Dont let what people do to you to change that child who does not know how to be bitter

Instead let what people do to you whther good or bad make you an inspiration to others.

Remeber you are a bright light and no darkness can change that 🙂