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My Graduation :)

My Graduation 🙂

saw my brother the other day :)

saw my brother the other day 🙂


Anxiety? Just chill…

I expect alot from myself because I expect alot from my dreams

I get fustraited when I cant seem to reach the stars in our universe, it makes me… Anxious

I get fustraited when I am seeking a treasure and never seem to see it

But just now this has dawned on me.

Why whould I worry so much about what is going to happen tomorow when I cant control time?

I worry about things that I have no control over, I take the place of God and try to control the things that only God can take control off.

I find I would worry less if I be human and let God be God in his infinite power and glory

One wise deity once said these following words…

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

Sometimes I findf myself worried about many things, am I going to get married? Where am I going to live in the next year? How much Money do I have? Have I got enough money to help my mom with her bills?

It is at these times that I forget the saying, Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they

Still work hard at achieveing your dream but dont forget to have your times of rest physically and spiritualy so your anxitey and turn into rest

Know that everything will be ok no matter how slow or fast life goes

Jesus Christ loves you all

Child of God

Making a dicision to follow christ is the most rewarding yet hardest race to finish.

People think that when you are a christian you live on cloud 9.


Being a child of God is you living on earth and living with yourself.

The hardest part is living with segements of yourself that is the opposite of God.

Living with yourself does not only mean waking up and going to sleep,

Living with yourself means there are times when you need to fight yourself for the sake of someone else.

I do not mean fighting parts of yourself for the sake of others in a negative light, it does not mean you hate yourself.

Fighting aspects of yourself actually means you love God so much that you are willing to sacrifice everything to become more like him everyday, not just on a sunday

I have to deny my self all the time even though when doing so there are times when I fail and when I succeed it is only by the grae of Jesus Christ alone.

There are times that I know what im doing is wrong yet I carry on doing those things anyway and then when I want to do the right thing I dont do it

Hence why it is only his grace that can save  me and you, it is only by the grace of Jesus Christ I am running this race and it is only by his grace that we can be saved .

”Blood” is the most important poem I have ever wrote

The poem “blood” is the most important poem I have ever wrote.

It is a poem which comes from the walk I am walking right now.

Growing up as a teenager was the most toughest period in my whole life , had no friends at all, no teachers belived in me and even when I did make friends they all disappeared more quicker than they came.

I understand how it feels to live in a world where only you exist and there is no one else in it but you.

It is a world which I built for my self where all that I hear is the wind blowing and see the clouds moving.

It is a self-created world I am slowly starting to escape from by the grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

There are so many things I want not only for the benefit of me but for the benifit of others, but while I am achieving thiose things the bleeding still occurs.

I am not trying to boast or make you feel sorry for me but what I am trying to do is to let anyone who is rerading or experiencing the same thing I have wrote about is to know that their is hope for you even when you are bleeding.

Despite me being betrayed and deserted by people outside and inside my family the bleeding process has actually made me love people even more and embrace the new friends that I now have in my life.

If I let the bleeding make me unforgiving or bitter I would not have kept the friend who I hold so dearly today.

Also at the time I sdidnt have any friends I have always had my mom who has encouraged me through these times who I want to thank.

There is always hope for a bleeding heart through the grace of Jesus Christ who has died for you so that bleeding wont kill you but make you more alive in love and peace.

Trust me, even if you dont have friends you will always have atleast 1 friend who really cares about you more than you know.

Ask God to show you who that 1 life saver is and he will lead you to him olr her.

Remember one person is all you need to change your life for the good and make your world a paradise.


Blood is not only red but Colourless.

Blood is not only a symptom of pain but a symptom of lonlieness.

Bleeding is not only caused when someone endures pain but endures love.

Bleeding is not only caused by betrayal but can be initiated by trust.

Blood is not only poured but retained, retained in a smile, in a laugh, in a hug, in love.

Bleeding is a cateract that slowly blinds one from seeing other peoples good intentions.

Blood doesnt only exit from the skin but exits fromt he tear in the eye.

Bleeding can either lead to an individual being joyful or bitter.

Bleeding can lead to a brighter hope and future.

Bleeding can lead one to encourage so people can be loving from the process of bleeding.

Bleeding can lead a man or woman to embrace people with even more love and compassion.

Bleeding can lead to us being contempt with who we are at this present moment.

Bleeding can leave a legacy where we look back and cheer in victory because off the trials bleeding has caused which you and I have overcome.

Let the process of bleeding make you loving not hating.