Blood is not only red but Colourless.

Blood is not only a symptom of pain but a symptom of lonlieness.

Bleeding is not only caused when someone endures pain but endures love.

Bleeding is not only caused by betrayal but can be initiated by trust.

Blood is not only poured but retained, retained in a smile, in a laugh, in a hug, in love.

Bleeding is a cateract that slowly blinds one from seeing other peoples good intentions.

Blood doesnt only exit from the skin but exits fromt he tear in the eye.

Bleeding can either lead to an individual being joyful or bitter.

Bleeding can lead to a brighter hope and future.

Bleeding can lead one to encourage so people can be loving from the process of bleeding.

Bleeding can lead a man or woman to embrace people with even more love and compassion.

Bleeding can lead to us being contempt with who we are at this present moment.

Bleeding can leave a legacy where we look back and cheer in victory because off the trials bleeding has caused which you and I have overcome.

Let the process of bleeding make you loving not hating.


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