Child of God

Making a dicision to follow christ is the most rewarding yet hardest race to finish.

People think that when you are a christian you live on cloud 9.


Being a child of God is you living on earth and living with yourself.

The hardest part is living with segements of yourself that is the opposite of God.

Living with yourself does not only mean waking up and going to sleep,

Living with yourself means there are times when you need to fight yourself for the sake of someone else.

I do not mean fighting parts of yourself for the sake of others in a negative light, it does not mean you hate yourself.

Fighting aspects of yourself actually means you love God so much that you are willing to sacrifice everything to become more like him everyday, not just on a sunday

I have to deny my self all the time even though when doing so there are times when I fail and when I succeed it is only by the grae of Jesus Christ alone.

There are times that I know what im doing is wrong yet I carry on doing those things anyway and then when I want to do the right thing I dont do it

Hence why it is only his grace that can save  me and you, it is only by the grace of Jesus Christ I am running this race and it is only by his grace that we can be saved .


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