The battle between the mind and the soul.

VS2What I have learned about the soul and the mind

The soul operates by feeling which is the paintbrush to paint a figment which deceives the heart.

The mind is the enforcer of these feelings and turns them into a inner reality consequently fighting with the soul. Realities are not only real in their physical tangibility but also real in their mental state.

The reality that I want to focus on is love , love defies logic. Logic operates on what is rational but love operates on what is irrational. That is why love suffers and love blossoms, one of my old time friends has been telling me about what he is going through with a special woman who he loves but it does not look like she feels the same.

I asked him, ‘why do you keep pursuing her for so long why do you put yourself through this suffering when you can just avoid it by walking away and closing the chapter?’.

He replied ‘its not that easy Bayz love is winning the fight’.

Bayz lent back with his index finger on his chin and replied ‘What do you mean ?’

He lent forward and uttered ‘it is a fight Bayz, a fight between my soul and mind, my mind is weak it tells me to stop this hopeless passion of committing to the woman of my dreams but love contends with my mind and says to keep going no matter how much I suffer for the gift that is created in the image of God’.

Reminiscing over this short conversation taught me how complicated we actually are.

Love sees the gift and stubbornly goes through the suffering, as they say love is blind, it is bind to the long suffering one has to go through and it is stubborn to stop just because of logical reason, it goes to the end even if it has to go though a sword in the process.

The mind is submissive to the circumstance where it does not go by human feeling but circumstantial logic, it care so much about your well being that it will not receive the gift if it has to go through suffering and hurt unlike love.

The battle between the mind and the soul.

The Heart is a stronger contender but the mind is a stronger defender.


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